Josh Burns Needs Your Help

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I’m writing you from the middle of the United States, about a nine-year-old living about an hour outside of Brisbane. I became aware of him through online conversations with his mother, speaking from desperation. She wasn’t asking for anything except … Read more »

Con Artists, Magicians And Online Trickery

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I didn’t intend on writing about online medical con artists. Actually it wasn’t on my topic list at all. I was unaware of this particular way of operation entirely. As a patient, you need to know how to spot these … Read more »

Saving Hope For Deeper Insight Into Tomorrow

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What is the most valuable piece of medical equipment? We went into the medical field with expectations. All of them wrong of course, but what did we know? If your school was like mine, no matter how good, you were … Read more »

Cornmeal: The Daring Kitchen, August Challenge

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Rachael of pizzarossa was our August 2012 Daring Cook hostess and she challenged us to broaden our knowledge of cornmeal! Rachael provided us with some amazing recipes and encouraged us to hunt down other cornmeal recipes that we’d never tried … Read more »

Difficult People, How to Deal With Them: Stress Management

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It’s been a discussion several times recently, how to deal with difficult people. For me, the discussion has come up in different ways and times. When we have an illness worsened by stress, learning skills to manage these problems is much … Read more »

Health Care: We Have The Power

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Health Care is  all the talk at the moment. People are making promises and asking for votes based on those promises. It’s not an issue for the United States alone, other countries are struggling with costs so patients become political … Read more »

Saving Hope We Have Courage To See Each Other

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I surprise myself sometimes. Rather, things I thought constant, surprise and turn out  not so constant. I liked a television show on Facebook today. I don’t do that. It’s a medical show. I don’t like medical shows. But this one … Read more »

Chipotle Black Beans and Rice: Tropical Street Food

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In my opinion, not backed by any fact or teaching, it’s not just because peppers grow better the closer they get to the tropics. The weather seems reflected in people, food and surroundings. It’s a contest of sorts, “you think … Read more »

veg n vagabond No Noodles, No Problem

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veg n vagabond NO NOODLES? NO PROBLEM. It would be easier if WordPress would coöperate and let me re-blog. I don’t use their servers but their software. Re-blogging would still bring more attention to their sites. Oh well. This is a … Read more »

Electricity : Saving On Your Bill And The Planet

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Last year and this, the Midwest US, has rivaled some of the hottest places on earth. Electricity bills skyrocket while the weather people tell us it’s as hot as Death Valley and compare the weather to that of the Middle … Read more »